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Run by founding partners Louisa Higgs and Annabel Seal - YAP Young Artist Partnership aims to support young artists on their career path, providing a forum for their works, mentoring with existing artists, and showing them how to commercialise their practice.



Tilly carter

Tilly’s work captures her curiosity with the relationship between mundane reality and fantasy. Through varied mediums and a playful notion of escapism, she explores the shifting space between internal and external existence.


sebastian forman

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Aubrey Higgin is a young artist who focuses on motion and the unknown. His works focus on colour and gestures through layering and removing oil paint. The idea of motion was inspired by his photography using long shutter speeds. The theme of the unknown was inspired by his battle with an undiagnosed illness for two years, a period in which he developed a keen interest in Damian Hirst and the sublime. Other influences include the languages created by Schwitters and Rauschenberg, the dense layering of Mehretu, and the technique of Richter using a palate knife.



A passion for wild landscapes sees Lily Rigby creating mystical, deep and turbulent depictions of land and sea. The expressive nature of her work captures not only the form of the landscape, but also reflects the power landscapes have to evoke emotion in the observer. Most often taking the form of large scale works in oil, her paintings are inspired by both the landscapes that surround her and those which have left permanent traces in her memory.




Kate viner

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